Cardiovascular disease suhagra viagra Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition wherein men cannot keep a firm erection enough for the entire sexual activity. Sometimes, this is also known as impotence. This condition is common among men, especially those who are older. There are different triggers that could affect a man and let him experience ED. Occasional ED may make men experience the condition during stress. On the other hand, there are signs of ED that could affect the overall health of men.

A man can obtain ED because of any problems at any phase of the erection process. One of the most common reasons to this is the arteries of the penis getting damaged, preventing the rich flow of blood in. There are several causes of ED. This may include:

ED has no definite symptoms. By definition, ED is the condition when a man cannot achieve erection when it matters.

Lifestyle Factors That May Worsen ED

Diet-Viagra-SuhagraThere are several risk factors involved when it comes to ED. If you have a poor diet, excessive smoking schedule or excessive drinking habits, then you will likely suffer from the condition. These factors may trigger ED simultaneously, which is why the best thing to do is to avoid these as much as possible. Try eating healthy meals at all times. Increase the intake of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Cut down on the intake of sugar and fatty foods.

You have to likewise consider exercising. Even if you will exercise only 30 minutes a day, if you will do it on a regular basis, you will still get great results. Exercise increase your energy, and you can likewise have an improved circulation. Another factor, and could be the most important, is to stop smoking. Quit smoking because this will not only help you achieve amazing erections again. This will keep you healthy all the time.

What Are The Conditions Related To Erectile Dysfunction?

There are studies about ED linking it to hidden heart disease. Men who have ED may also suffer from heart conditions, even if they do not have any underlying cardiovascular conditions. As ED becomes more extensive, the signs of a heart disease will grow. Also, the studies suggest that men who grow older do not have any guarantee of having heart problems. There is a myriad of causes that may constitute with impotence.

Doctors have already supposed that having an ED will be an early sign of heart problems. However, there is no enough study as to how sure it is, though several of them said it is highly likely.